Sound Scouts Credit Purchase
Step 1. Choose how many credits you wish to Purchase: {{ creditsToBuy }} {{ creditWording }} ${{ cost/100 }} (USD) Do you wish to purchase 1 Code with {{ creditsToBuy }} credits, or {{ creditsToBuy }} Codes with 1 credit each?
1 Credit equals 1 Test Session.
Single Code with {{ creditsToBuy }} Credits {{ creditsToBuy }} Codes
Suitable for internal use, such as clinics or schools
Suitable for for sharing with external users
Step 2. Enter your details

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Step 3. Complete the purchase payments are secured through stripe, and we do not store your card details.
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Step 4. After completing the purchase, your code(s) will appear below. It will also be sent to your contact e-mail. Make sure you store it in a secure location.
Step 5. You can now use your code(s) in the app by following these steps:
Open the Sound Scouts App and
click on ‘Settings’

Click on ‘Use a code’ to bring up code entry screen

Enter code into ‘Special Code’ field and click Submit
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